We All Make Mistakes

By Willie Scales

Dear Prisoners:

We all make mistakes!
Mistakes can be forgiven, but only if we repent today!

So I beg you to please exchange your negativity and your destructive behavior and exercise that energy toward something positive, like seeking vocation training, enrolling in a GED testing course or a college program!

Something that will not only be positive and fruitful for you, but also for your
Wonderful offspring’s, as well as for your community!

Real life begins by committing yourself
Completely to God today!

To the question of your prison life,
God is the answer!

To the problem of your prison life,
God is the solution!

Do not let your prison life set back you are having hold you back from getting out of prison,
But use them to learn and grow today!

I know what it is to be in need,
And I know what it is to have plenty! ■

Originally published in the Fall/Winter 2018 edition of Stateville Speaks.