Prison or Her?

By Keith Bennett

Each day that passes, we are all one day closer to death.
Each day that passes, are days we will never get back.
Each day spent in prison, is another day we spend without freedom
A lot of guys throw their entire lives away for the Mob, for their guys…
I fail to understand how the Mob and the guys can be more important than being free…


In my opinion, the best reason to stay out of prison…
25 years I’ve spent listening to the sound of men’s voices day-in and day-out.
Very seldom have I been able to hear the sound of a woman’s voice and laughter.

Why do guys throw their entire lives away for the Mob and their guys?
Each year there are at least 600 gang-related murders in Chicago alone.
On Thanksgiving 2017 there were 44 gang related murders in Chicago…
The ones who can put a stop to this senseless violence is you and your guys.
You guys have to put down the guns and drugs and stop gang-banging.

There is power in making a decision.
Everything that happens in our lives, whether that be success or failure, it all begins with a decision.
Our destiny is shaped by our decisions.
The decisions we make today will determine our future.

I will spend the rest of my life in prison because I made the decision to use the drugs I used…
Had it not been for that, I’d of not lost my mind and committed the crimes I committed.
I haven’t held or kissed a woman in 25 years and I will never make love with a woman again.
Is this really what you guys want for your life?
Would you rather spend your days in a prison cell with our guys, or out in the free world, enjoying life with your girl?
Your days in prison should be spend on getting out of prison and thinking about how to stay out of prison.

It’s your decision…Nobody else’s! ■