Respected, Loved & Equal

By Eric Snead

In a room of checkers, I have a mind for chess
I want to be “Respected, Loved & Equal” more than less
People are ignorant with a closed mind
I tend to leave them behind
They pat me on my back and call me intellectual
They then whisper that I’m homosexual
Two strikes against me being black and gay
I won’t let hatred lead me astray
“Respected, Loved & Equal” is all that I ask
To some this is a difficult task
I’m viewed as square peg in round hole
Like Charlie Brown I receive a lump of coal
My sexuality doesn’t define who I am
Why do so many others give a damn?
We have to crawl before we can walk
“Respected, Loved & Equal” my kind of talk
We can run yet we can never hide
Issues we have to take in stride
Have the will to finish from the very start
These words I write are from the heart
We will fall for anything if we don’t take a stand
For equality I’ll extend a helping hand
I read this book titled “The Measure of a Man”
Apply myself to this I’m sure I can
I want to play my part in the sequel
Oh to be “Respected, Loved & Equal” ■