Scars That Don’t Heal

By Eric Snead

In black & white I see many shades of gray
Do you hear & listen to all that I say?
The warrior and soldier both must battle until
Many wounds leave “Scars That Don’t Heal”
Through choppy waters slowly I navigate
With destiny we all have a date
For foolishness I’ve lost zest and zeal
On my mind many “Scars That Don’t Heal”
You break bread by loaf and leave me a crumb
To that one great big temptation I succumb
With a devil I played “Let’s Make a Deal”
All I have to show are “Scars That Don’t Heal”
In bad blood we both have bathed
No one comes out to be unscathed
You copy at Medline by swallowing psychotropic pill
In the mirror you reflect “Scars That Don’t Heal”
For redemption I give it one last shot
I know I give it all that I got
Struck by lightning, shocked by electric eel
They take pleasure in pain of “Scars That Don’t Heal”
Sad old day in the Happy New Year
Writing on wall is all so crystal clear
In IDOC so much time on hand to kill
Plastic surgery can’t hide “Scars That Don’t Heal”
I spin Wheel of Fortune and say a vowel
Bankrupt, I’m ready to throw in the towel
In presence of the fake, I’ll keep it real
Bandages only cover up the “Scars That Don’t Heal” ■

Originally published in the Fall/Winter 2018 edition of Stateville Speaks.