The Enemy Within

By Eric Snead

If score was kept of life’s mess, I’d have perfect ten
The greatest battle I have is “The Enemy Within”
In times of trouble, chaos and confusion I befriended
Bad mistakes and decisions over & over I defended
In perfect world my shelves are well stocked
In reality my cupboard bare and I’m shell shocked
I pay my fare on the emotional roller coaster ride
“The Enemy Within” is so eager to play outside
Under Dr. Feelgood I have been sedated
Thoughts of the afterlife I have contemplatedDrip drops go through my vein of morphine
A paradise I enter is so serene
“The Enemy Within” interrupts and starts intrusion
Under lock & key he is kept in seclusion
As a son, brother, father and uncle I wasn’t the best
As a man time will always put me to the test
None of us is ever above reproach
There is no subject I will not broach
Stretch with yoga and meditate with Zen
My biggest fight is with “The Enemy Within”
From Chicago to Champaign I’ve had a constant battle
It rained on my parade when I visited Seattle
Anger makes David Banner turn into the hulk
Damage and destruction unleashed by the bulk
Rolling with the punches I take it on the chin
Hit with your best shot I start to grin
Centrifugal force cause my head to spin
I regain my sense and suppress “The Enemy Within” ■