Prison or Her?

By Keith Bennett

Each day that passes, we are all one day closer to death.
Each day that passes, are days we will never get back.
Each day spent in prison, is another day we spend without freedom
A lot of guys throw their entire lives away for the Mob, for their guys…
I fail to understand how the Mob and the guys can be more important than being free…

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The Enemy Within

By Eric Snead

If score was kept of life’s mess, I’d have perfect ten
The greatest battle I have is “The Enemy Within”
In times of trouble, chaos and confusion I befriended
Bad mistakes and decisions over & over I defended
In perfect world my shelves are well stocked
In reality my cupboard bare and I’m shell shocked
I pay my fare on the emotional roller coaster ride
“The Enemy Within” is so eager to play outside
Under Dr. Feelgood I have been sedated
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